Journaling Throughout
the Liturgical Year.

For Children Ages 7 and Up.

Journaling Throughout the Liturgical Year is a creative and hands-on approach to studying, commemorating, and celebrating Pascha, the Twelve Great Feasts of the Orthodox Christian Liturgical Year, and the inspiring lives of a selection of twelve saints of the church.
Book in 3-ring binder - $39.95
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*Each Journal includes a set of thirteen 3"x4" full color icons printed on photo paper.
The journal is a multi-level, introductory course, appropriate for children seven years of age and older. Because of the flexible nature of this journal, you can begin studying and assembling the student notebooking pages in any season of the year, and may complete the journal within the course of a single year or over the course of two or more years.
Includes detailed instructions to complete thirty-eight colorful pages
Special features include line drawn icons to study and color, a set of 12 full color Festal icons, projects to cut and paste, Troparia to memorize, Gospel passages to read, and various multi-level writing projects offering as much or as little writing as is appropriate for each child.

Lasting Quality: A Book to Treasure
By celebrating the holidays of the Festal Cycle within the body of the church, reading and studying the stories of the feasts and saints of the church, and assembling and personalizing the pages of the journal, your child will actively participate in the Liturgical Year, and as a bonus create a one-of-a-kind keepsake; a book to treasure.

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